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Ottawa: Canada’s Capital City

Posted on 08 January 2018 by nimda (0)


In Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario there are many glorious attractions and historical landmarks to visit. Ottawa is a beautiful city in eastern Ontario, right beside the border of Quebec. This large city has a massive population of 1.3 million people and has an incredibly rich history regarding the creation of Canada. Inside the city, the two main languages which are spoken between the inhabitants include english and french. Due to the proximity to Quebec, there are large french speaking groups within neighbourhoods of the city.

Many of the children and adults there are bilingual. Ottawa’s climate is that it is generally a moderately cold winter and a warm/hot summer. There are many tourist activities to participate in both seasons. In the winter, Ottawa holds the world’s largest skating rink, called the Rideau Canal in the city’s west end. It is open all day long and has avid visitors coming from all parts of the world to skate on it. In the summer, you can visit parliament hill, where most of Canada’s governmental ordeals take place, and enjoy a magnificent firework show above it at night. Other major activities include: guided boat tours which travel through the lakes surrounding the city displaying major landmarks in Ottawa and venturing to the Quebec side as well.

During this boat tour, you get to explore the vast history this region has to offer in a fun and captivating way. Another thing to do well here, is to go and visit the Canadian War museum. Here it displays key facts about wars within Canada and Canada’s participation in global wars as well. It offers all this information in a visually stunning architectural building and offers tours with highly knowledgeable staff. There is lots of important knowledge to be learned here and a whole day could be easily spent within this building. Well in Ottawa, there are also a wide variety of different sports to be played and watched. Ottawa’s NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators, are a high quality hockey team which plays their home games in the Canadian Tire Centre.

Here you can find high performance hockey at affordable prices. Just recently, the Ottawa Senators reached the Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup. Ottawa also has a very large tennis community which offers many pre esteem courts around the area. Tennis is a major part of Ottawa’s sport sector and is highly emphasized between youth and adults. Tennis enthusiasts love coming here to explore the huge variety of competition and game play. Also, Ottawa has to offer some of the nicest natural scenery in the world. Between the countless parks and forests, anyone could find themselves in awe with the beauty this region has to offer. Ottawa also has a large university which is very well known in Canada for it’s elite courses and graduates.

When planning your next trip, consider Ottawa as a destination. It has something to offer everybody, no matter their interests, and is a city rich in history and beauty. You will create memories which you will surely never forget!

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